Jazz in the Middle

6th Grade

Blues & Poetry

Jazz in the Middle: 6th Grade

Blues & Poetry Playlist

The Jazz in the Middle 6th grade playlist includes excerpts from the first official blues, spirituals from the Underground Railroad, scat songs, and excerpts by poet Langston Hughes. This selection helps illustrate the links between coded messages, spirituals, poetry, and jazz in our curriculum.

1. St. Louis Blues by W.C. Handy
2. St. Louis Blues by Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra
3. Hound Dog by Big Mama Thornton
4. The Scat Song by Cab Calloway
5. Take the “A” Train by Billy Strayhorn (Duke Ellington)
6. Flying Home by Benny Goodman, Eddie DeLange, Lionel Hampton with lyrics by Sid Robin sung (Recording Ella Fitzgerald)
7. The Negro Speaks of Rivers Introduction by Langston Hughes
8. The Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes
9. My Favorite Things by Rogers and Hammerstein (Julie Andrews from the movie “The Sound of Music”
10. My Favorite Things by Rogers and Hammerstein (Recording John Coltrane)
11. When the Saints Go Marching In by Louis Armstrong
12. Obwisana, (Chant from Ghana) Mark Rosenthal for Music In Schools Today Music 1st! program)

6th Grade Curriculum Support Links

Both the 6th and 7th grade JIM lessons highlight forms, patterns, verse, prose, and history to explore the roots of jazz and the contribution of African American culture to jazz, America’s first and most famous gift to the music and arts world. However, in the 7th grade, the students will explore protest movements and current events using the evolution of jazz and Bomba to explore hip hop, spoken word and poetry. They will look at the evolution of hip hop and what artists are doing in 2015 in response to current events in our nation’s history regarding race relations and protest movements.