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30 years of SFJAZZ Highlights

Just a few of the amazing musicians who have performed with SFJAZZ

*NOTE: A full list of SFJAZZ presented artists coming soon!

Ticket Buying Tips

To make sure your ticket buying experience is as smooth as possible, we’ve put together a few pointers below. If you have additional questions, get in touch with us at boxoffice@sfjazz.org.

How do I get the best seats possible?

Short answer: become an SFJAZZ Member. Members get access to tickets weeks before the general public, starting Saturday, October 13 at 10am. The general public will not have access to Season 1 tickets until early November.

Want to take it up a notch? Leaders Circle Members enjoy special reserved access to premium seats.

Should I buy online or over the phone?

We recommend, in this order:

1) Online: The fastest way to order tickets. All online orders are processed immediately, ensuring you the absolute best seats available at that time. As of Fall 2012, you can pick your exact seats for all shows in the SFJAZZ Center, Davies Symphony Hall or Paramount Theatre through the “Select Your Own Seat” option.

2) Box Office: If you don’t want to order online, we recommend coming down to the SFJAZZ Box Office, where orders are processed right away and allow you to speak with our staff about special requests. Directions to SFJAZZ Box Office.

3) Phone (Members: 415-788-7353, Public: 866-920-5299): We only recommended calling if you have special requests, such as needing an aisle or handicap accessible seat that you cannot find online. Phone lines get extremely busy during the Members Advance Sales period, so we strongly encourage you to order online.

Is my account active?

Make sure you have an account and that your log-in is working before October 13, when tickets for Season 1 in the SFJAZZ Center go on sale to Members. You can log-in, find or create your account here.

SFJAZZ recently made upgrades to our site that require accounts to use an email address instead of a separate user ID. If you previously had a user ID, you will now need to log-in with your email address on file.

The log-in page also has options to retrieve your password and create a new account. However, if you are a Member, do not create a new account as the system will not automatically find your membership. Please call us at 415-788-7353.

Is my membership current?

If you receive weekly emails from SFJAZZ Membership, then your membership is current. If you’re unsure whether your membership is current, write to members@sfjazz.org with your full name and primary email address. 

When will I receive my tickets?

We will be mailing all tickets for Season 1 in the SFJAZZ Center in early December. Any ticket orders placed for the 30th Anniversary San Francisco Jazz Festival will be mailed right away.

30th Anniversary San Francisco Jazz Festival Catalog

Discover Jazz: Young Lions

Discover Jazz

Música Cubana

Young Lions: From School of the Arts to Carnegie Hall

Wednesday, October 31, 7:00pm
at Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

Gonzalo Rubalcaba

Discover Jazz: Revolutionary Fusion

Discover Jazz

Música Cubana

Revolutionary Fusion: Cuba’s Post-Modern Edge

Wednesday, October 24, 7:00pm
at Jewish Community Center of San Francisco


Discover Jazz: Cubano Be, Cubano Bop

Discover Jazz

Música Cubana

Cubano Be, Cubano Bop: The Latin Big Band Craze

Wednesday, October 17, 7:00pm
at Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

Dizzy Gillespie and Chano Pozo

Discover Jazz: Rumba Para Monk

Discover Jazz

Música Cubana

Rumba Para Monk: Jazz in Clave

Wednesday, October 10, 7:00pm
at Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

Thelonious Monk

Discover Jazz: ¡Mambo!

Discover Jazz

Música Cubana

¡Mambo! Cuban Music Demystified

Wednesday, October 3, 7:00pm
at Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

Machito and his Afro Cubans
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