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Official SFJAZZ Center Press Release - Article

San Francisco Jazz Group Plans Its Own Building Dedicated to the Genre

Nomadic SFJazz to settle into permanent home

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"The octet boasts as much or more collective talent, firepower and critical acclaim than any other jazz ensemble going.. " — DownBeat
"As soloists you won't be able to find a finer collection of leaders who have come together in the spirit of communal communication. " — Jazzreview.com
"Music of Stevie Wonder: Live 2011 " — Best of 2011 lists from JazzTimes' Don Heckman & Geoffrey Himes
"It is a marvelous group. You should be congratulated for creating this ensemble. " — George Wein
"The Collective demonstrates the ability to look beyond jazz for inspiration while still remaining true to its core concept. " — All About Jazz
"Whatever it is, the SFJAZZ Collective idea really works where other all-star bands have failed. They’ve created a setting where the brilliance of every player comes through in harmony with the others. " — Kansas City Star
"The influence of eight of the most important jazz musicians in the world covering (Wonder) tunes will certainly shape the next five years. " — RVAJazz (Richmond, VA)
"Music of Stevie Wonder: Live 2011 " — Best of 2011 list from Jazz Journalist Association's Willard Jenkins
"In its eight-year existence, the SFJAZZ Collective has gone from triumph to triumph. " — All About Jazz
"A brilliant mix of post-bop reconstructions of the Motown icon's classics like "VIsions" and "Do I Do," alongside the groups lovingly rendered originals. " — DownBeat
"What its members bring to the table as composers, arrangers and players... that's the real reason the SFJAZZ Collective continues to be so successful. " — All About Jazz
"Music of Stevie Wonder: Live 2011 " — Best of 2011 list from Jazz Journalist Association's Sharonne Cohen
"You can propose various definitions for what this band represents, but it’s a superbrain for what serious jazz sounds like now. " — The New York Times
"The Collective [is] the best kind of jazz laboratory; one where the heroes of the past are celebrated alongside these relatively young icons in the making. " — All About Jazz
"Jazz at its highest levels: emotionally accessible, intellectually rigorous, and challenging to the octet, its soloists, and listeners. " — Daily Gazette, Albany, NY
"There hasn't been a group to call itself "the All Stars" — at least not without irony — since the death of Louis Armstrong, but this collective deserves the title more than any other band playing today. " — Wall Street Journal
"Collectives are only as strong as their weakest links, and there are none to be found in the latest lineup of the SFJAZZ Collective. " — JazzTimes Magazine
"It's truly less about the individual and absolutely more about the concept of the collective that gives this group its enduring voice. " — All About Jazz
"They're great for both iconic repertory and pointed individualism. " — The Village Voice
"It takes a brave soul to tackle the music of Stevie Wonder. The latest incarnation of the SFJAZZ Collective happens to contain eight of them. " — San Francisco Chronicle
"Nothing to shake sticks at... " — Bohemian
"The Collective demonstrates that decades-old music needn't lose its contemporary relevance — not, at least, in the hands of a group this encyclopedic in its knowledge of tradition, but just as versed in the foundation of jazz as a living, breathing and forward-reaching thing. As definitive of the modern mainstream as it gets. " — All About Jazz
"A reliably superb all-star confab. " — The New York Times
"Something of a latter-day Jazz Messengers. " — All About Jazz
"Jazz repertory was dealt a rich hand when this Left Coast initiative launched back in 2004. " — The Village Voice
"A stunning example of what can happen when seven extremely talented and versatile musicians lay aside their egos for the common goal of creating a fantastic work of art. " — All About Jazz
"You'd be hard-pressed to find better jazz than a performance of the SFJAZZ Collective. Bigger than a combo, smaller than a big band, the swing is just right. " — Santa Barbara Independent
"One of the world's leading jazz bands. " — Sacramento Bee
"It’s a remarkable thing that, through ten years and 20 musicians, the SFJAZZ Collective has remained both viable and vital. " — All About Jazz

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