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Rafael Costas

Rafael Costas

Rafael was born in Puerto Rico and lived there until he was 15, when his family moved to the Bay Area as a result of his father’s transfer/promotion within Chevron.

Rafael earned a B.A. in Economics from UC Santa Barbara in 1986 and returned to the Bay Area after finding employment with (now) Franklin Templeton Investments. He worked his entire career at Franklin Templeton, ultimately co-managing the Municipal Bond Department. He retired at the end of 2018. Along the way, he earned a Master’s Degree in Finance from Golden Gate University.

Rafael moved to San Francisco proper in 1990 and immediately got involved in patronizing the arts, including SFJAZZ. He enjoys theater, classical and many types of music but jazz remains his favorite form. He is an amateur multi-instrumentalist, mostly on percussion. He is also a devoted reader with a preference for American History/Presidents and literature.

Besides his participation at SFJAZZ (most recently in the Finance Committee), Rafael is also a member of the UC Santa Barbara Board of Trustees (where he serves on the Executive, Finance and Investment Committees) and is on the board of The Citadel Foundation at The Citadel Military College in Charleston, SC, from where his father graduated. At the Citadel Foundation he serves on the Finance and Investments Committee. He is a member of The Family Club in San Francisco and of the Society of Municipal Analysts, a professional organization.

Rafael lives in Pacific Heights with his dog, Lucy.

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