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originally filmed on SEP 22, 2023

"Trust, Collaboration, and Inspiring Ideas": SFJAZZ Dialogues w/ Donny McCaslin & Mark Guiliana

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Donny McCaslin Quartet

SFJAZZ presents  GRAMMY-winning saxophonist Donny McCaslin in a stunning feature showcase. McCaslin’s music is characterized by his unique style of playing, which blends elements of jazz, rock, and electronic music. Praised for his ability to seamlessly blend acoustic and electronic elements in his music, McCaslin’s innovative and creative style has earned him international acclaim, and he has been described by The New York Times as “a leading saxophonist of his generation.”  


GRAMMY-winning saxophonist Donny McCaslin is a relentlessly exploratory musician who fully embraces the influences of modern electronic music and bebop in equal measure. He rose to prominence working with Maria Schneider, and though her he came to the attention of the late pop icon David Bowie, who employed the saxophonist and his quartet (including Mark Guiliana) to be the band on his final statement of artistic genius, 2016’s Blackstar. McCaslin’s new Edition Records album, I Want More, is an inspired electro-acoustic session featuring the Blackstar band, keyboardist Jason Lindner, bassist Tim Lefebvre, and drummer Guiliana. For this night, the massively talented Kneebody multi-instrumentalist Nate Wood stands in for Guiliana.

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