Zhukov Dance Theatre: Product 06

Zhukov Dance Theatre: Product 06

The first contemporary dance performance at the SFJAZZ Center will feature world premieres from two acclaimed choreographers: Yuri Zhukov and Idan Sharabi.

Zhukov, now in his sixth season as Artistic Director of ZDT, has created a piece set to music by Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson, Spanish composer Jordi Savall, and Bach, interspersed with works by modern classical composers and layered electronic sounds.

Sharabi, who is based in Tel Aviv, created an emotionally charged response to the city of San Francisco and its denizens, accompanied by a soundscape that incorporates everything from Scriabin to Robin Thicke. “I was interested in grabbing movement from those around us — on the street, on Muni — and observing how people respond physically in the moment, as compared to the preparation of a dancer,” says Mr. Sharabi, whose piece is titled “Spider on a Mirror.”

This in not an SFJAZZ presented concert. SFJAZZ ticket policies do not necessarily apply.

Artist Personnel

Yuri Zhukov Artistic Director

Idan Sharabi choreographer
Yuri Zhukov choreographer

Doug Baum dancer
Christopher Bordenave dancer
Rachel Fallon dancer
Nick Korkos dancer
Jeremy Neches dancer

Artist Website

"In a single evening, Zhukov Dance Theatre established itself as one of the most promising presences on the Bay Area dance scene. " — San Francisco Chronicle
"Idan Sharabi is a name to remember. Idan’s talent was evident in the way he managed his space, his own rich vocabulary…the unique energy, and the way it welled up under the dancers’ skins. " — Jerusalem Post