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Press Quotes

"Jazz's premier all-star band." — The New York Times

"There's so much star power in this ambitious octet that it could supply tingle to practically any given repertoire." — The New Yorker

"This iteration of the SFJAZZ Collective showcases an ensemble that stretches drom here to there and back again, without ever breaking a sweat." — DownBeat

"SFJAZZ Collective leaves little doubt that innovation and tradition simultaneously are alive and well on the West Coast." — DownBeat

"SFJAZZ Collective is something of a jazz dream team." — SF Chronicle

"The octet boasts as much or more collective talent, firepower and critical acclaim than any other jazz ensemble going." — DownBeat

"As soloists you won't be able to find a finer collection of leaders who have come together in the spirit of communal communication." — Jazzreview.com

"It is a marvelous group." — George Wein

"The Collective demonstrates the ability to look beyond jazz for inspiration while still remaining true to its core concept. " — All About Jazz

"Whatever it is, the SFJAZZ Collective idea really works where other all-star bands have failed. They’ve created a setting where the brilliance of every player comes through in harmony with the others." — Kansas City Star

"The influence of eight of the most important jazz musicians in the world covering (Wonder) tunes will certainly shape the next five years." — RVAJazz (Richmond, VA)

"In its eight-year existence, the SFJAZZ Collective has gone from triumph to triumph." — All About Jazz

"A brilliant mix of post-bop reconstructions of the Motown icon's classics like "VIsions" and "Do I Do," alongside the groups lovingly rendered originals." — DownBeat

"What its members bring to the table as composers, arrangers and players... that's the real reason the SFJAZZ Collective continues to be so successful." — All About Jazz

"You can propose various definitions for what this band represents, but it’s a superbrain for what serious jazz sounds like now." — The New York Times

"The Collective [is] the best kind of jazz laboratory; one where the heroes of the past are celebrated alongside these relatively young icons in the making." — All About Jazz

"Jazz at its highest levels: emotionally accessible, intellectually rigorous, and challenging to the octet, its soloists, and listeners." — Daily Gazette, Albany, NY

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