Digital Lab

Introduction to Digital Music
& Improvisation

Digital Lab

The SFJAZZ Digital Lab offers an array of instruction in digital music production, including theory and musicianship, MIDI basics, notation skills, sequencing and audio recording as well as basic introduction to the digital workstation environment. Our intimate Digital Lab space is ideally suited to providing small-group instruction with top-notch faculty in a state-of-the-art environment.

Digital Lab Courses

Digital Music Performance in the 21st Century

Tuesdays 3/4 - 4/22 • 6pm-8pm (8-week course)
Learn digital DJing and Live Performance with Ableton! In this comprehensive course students will transform their computer into a live performance powerhouse using Ableton Live® music software, exploring music production and DJ techniques, as well as creating innovative MIDI instruments, live remixing, improvisation, looping and performing solo or with ensembles.

Digital Music Boot Camp: An Intro To Music Production

Tue-Sat, 7/15-19 • 1-5pm
This intensive course for teens and adults will explore the basics of music production, MIDI arrangement, recording and mixing in a state of the art environment. Students will have a hands-on lab experience with iMACs, MIDI controllers, microphones and pre-amps while learning the basics of current digital audio tools (Logic X, Protools, and Ableton). Students will create their own compositions and recordings of original music.