SFJAZZ High School
All-Stars Orchestra

SFJAZZ High School
All-Stars Orchestra

SFJAZZ High School
All-Stars Orchestra

SFJAZZ High School
All-Stars Orchestra

SFJAZZ High School All-Stars Orchestra

Bio & Achievements

Directed by esteemed educator and performer Paul Contos, the SFJAZZ High School All-Stars Orchestra is comprised of 22 of the finest young Bay Area jazz musicians, selected annually by competitive audition. The ensemble has appeared at the San Francisco Jazz Festival, SFJAZZ Spring Season, Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Essentially Ellington Competition, Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival, the Jazz Education Network Conference, and at concerts in top professional jazz clubs, festivals, museums, and community arts centers throughout California. Ensemble members enjoy regular workshops, master classes and mentoring sessions with leading artists, such as members of the SFJAZZ Collective, Terence Blanchard, Christian McBride, and Vijay Iyer.

The rewards are evident in their "dynamite" (JazzTimes) performances, which give “testimony to the continuing persistence of the creative spirit” (Los Angeles Times). "These kids are amazing," wrote the San Jose Mercury News, "jazz has a future!"

2014-15 Orchestra Members

Matt Richards, alto, Las Lomas High School
Eric Nakanishi, alto, Northgate High School
Michael Schwartz, tenor, Redwood High School
Solomon Alber, tenor, Amador Valley High School
Kaelen Ghandhi, baritone, Carlmont High School

Jonah Moss, trumpet, Northgate High School
Alan Osmundson, trumpet, Las Lomas High School
Jason Seavey, trumpet, Redwood High School
Akili Bradley, trumpet, California Virtual Academy
Ben Cohen Stillman, Miramonte High School

Remee Ashley, trombone, Berkeley High School
Hanne Williams Baron, trombone, San Francisco School of the Arts
Lindsay Dobbs, trombone, Aragon High School
Jasim Perales, trombone, Oakland School of the Arts
Kevin Yang, bass trombone, Amador Valley High School

Rhythm Section
Robert Papacica, guitar, Carmel High School
Matt Wong, piano, SF Independence High School
Ayana Bradley, piano, California Virtual Academy
Kanoa Mendenhall, bass, NOVA Independent Study
Max Schwartz, bass, Berkeley High School
Benjamin Ring, drums, Piedmont High School
Timothy Angulo, drums, Berkeley High School

Alto sax: Dante Billeci, Jonah Cabral
Tenor sax: Evan Mickas, Sophie Seng
Baritone Sax: Glynnis McNamara, Espen Scheuer
Trumpet: Ryan Phung, Josh Pollock
Trombone: Daniela Sweet-Coll, Adam Miller
Piano: Benjamin Bock, Christina Galisatus
Guitar: Luke Schwartz, Dillon Ingram
Bass: Owen Storey, Mikailo Kasha
Drums: Bryce Collins
Vibraphone: Sasha Berliner
Vocals: Joshua Reinier, Jamie Zimmer

Mentorship Program (alpha order):
Paul Adan, piano
Vincent Bazarini, trumpet
Remy Caddell, trombone
Timoteo Cruz, trombone
Jared Cvetich, drums
Corinne Hindes, flute
Conor Larkin, drums
Dominic Lecouturier, drums
Andrea Levinson, bass trombone
Julian Lopez, piano
Caleb Sankoh, piano
Marcus Veal, trumpet
Addison Vogt, drums
Kenny Workman, trumpet


2013-14 Orchestra Members


Eric Nakanishi, alto, Pleasant Hill, Northgate High School
Matt Richards, alto, Walnut Creek, Las Lomas High School
Anthony Ferrara, tenor, Sonoma, Marin School of the Arts
Michael Schwartz, tenor, Mill Valley, Redwood High School
Nora Stanley, bari, Berkeley, Berkeley High School

Jonah Moss, trumpet, Walnut Creek, Northgate High School
Scott Bell, trumpet, San Mateo, Aragon High School
Edward Evans, trumpet, Concord, Northgate High School
Jeric Rocamora, trumpet, Roseville, Rio Americano High School
Ben Cohen-Stillman, trumpet, Orinda, Miramonte High School

Jasim Perales, trombone, Oakland, Oakland School of the Arts
Ruben Sandoval, trombone, Daly City, SF School of the Arts
Hanne Williams-Baron, trombone, San Francisco, SF School of the Arts
Lindsay Dobbs, trombone, San Mateo, Aragon High School
Andrew Haden, bass trombone, Kentfield, Redwood High School

Rhythm Section
Dalton Yoder, guitar, Burlingame, Burlingame High School
Patrick Hogan, piano, San Juan Bautista
Matt Wong, piano, San Francisco, SF School of the Arts
Logan Kane, bass, Pleasanton, Amador Valley High School
Kanoa Mendenhall, bass, Marin School of the Arts
Benjamin Ring, drums, Piedmont, Piedmont High School
Cy Grimsich, drums, Berkeley, Berkeley High School

Matthew Stubbs, clarinet, Mountain View, Mountain View High School
Jamie Zimmer, voice, San Francisco, SF School of the Arts
Izzy Ostroff, voice, Belvedere, Branson High School
Josh Reinier, voice, San Francisco, Nueva High School



Alto sax: Matthew Stubbs, Nora Stanley
Tenor sax: Brendan Martin, Solomon Alber, Kaelen Ghandi
Baritone Sax: Glynnis McNamara, Laura Jue
Trumpet: Jason Seavey, Arbel Efraty, Alan Osmundson
Trombone: Marcel Osborne, Sarah Shepard, Carly Baxter
Piano: Jack Bastian, Ayana Bradley
Guitar: Robert Papacica, James Uejio, Luke Schwartz
Bass: Max Schwartz
Drums: Victor McElhaney, Bryce Collins

Mentorship Program (alpha order):

Alexis Angulo, piano/voice
Timothy Angulo, drums
Remee Ashley, trombone
Sasha Berliner, vibraphone
Akili Bradley, trumpet
Timoteo Cruz, trombone
Alex Farrell, bass
Andy Francis, tenor saxophone
Corinne Hindes, flute
Sophia Jochnowitz, alto saxophone
Max Lescohier, guitar
Alyssa Mattocks, voice
Joseph Sabados, trumpet
Timmy Stabler, bass
Daniela Sweet-Coll, trombone
Oliver Taylor, trumpet