Jazz in the Middle

7th Grade

Jazz in the Middle

The Oral Tradition: Storytelling, Drums & Dance

Oral Tradition: Storytelling, Drums & Dance is designed to help 7th grade students understand the oral tradition as a means to transmit African history and culture and how this is reflected in the evolution of jazz.

Students explore and experience stories that are told by drums, by dancers and through voice. They learn about social, cultural and musical depictions of rhythm and make connections between the past and their daily life experiences.

The four-week project is divided into weekly ninety-minute sessions. The program is led by guest artists in jazz. The goal is to actively engage students in participatory performance-based storytelling, musical, and dance experiences.

Sessions Overview:

Day One: Introduction to Jazz/Reader’s Theater Performance
Day Two: Introduction to Drumming, Jazz, & Slavery/Drum Making Activity
Day Three: Listening & Creating Jazz/Dance Activity
Day Four: Performance