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Elements of Arabic Drumming w/ Faisal Zedan


World Drum Weekend
Elements of Arabic Drumming
w/ Faisal Zedan

Saturday, August 6, 3:00pm
at SFJAZZ Center, Joe Henderson Lab

World Drum Weekend Series: Hands-On: SFJAZZ 4th Annual World Drum Weekend!  

Elements of Arabic Drumming w/ Faisal Zedan

In this workshop students will be exposed to different aspects of Arabic music with a focus on percussion, covering the fundamental mechanics of a variety of drums such as the derbakki, riqq, duhulla and def (frame drum), noting regional differences and approaches to the instruments along with proper form and strength. By playing together as a class, we will hear the ways the rhythms work together in ensembles as well as to support melodies, and explore the interplay between Arabic music and other middle eastern styles, as well as the influences of other neighboring cultures on Arabic drumming traditions. Students will have many opportunities to play throughout the workshop, and will gain insight into a distinctly Arabic approach to middle eastern drumming.

Born in 1972 in Syria, Faisal Zedan grew up impassioned with the derbakki (the Syrian equivalent of the doumbek). At the age of 15, Faisal embarked on a journey of learning through exposure to a wide repertoire of Arabic classical and contemporary music. He is an accomplished master of the derbakki as well as the riqq (tambourine) and tar (frame drum). Upon his arrival in California in 1992, he met noted UCLA professor of ethnomusicology, Dr. Ali Jihad, and was then invited to join the acclaimed UCLA Near East Music Ensemble. In 1993, Faisal was a founding member of Kan Zaman, and is also a founding member of the Los Angeles-based Youm It Talaata percussion group, performing at festivals, cultural events and with local Middle Eastern dancers in Southern California. Since 1996, Faisal has taught at the Northern California Middle East Music Camp held in Mendocino, and in 2009 he founded Ajyal, a group that features prominent local musicians including Nazir Latouf, Husain Resan, Susu Pampanin and Laurie Eisler. The group preserves and performs diverse genres of traditional music and dance from the Arab world.

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