Septeto Nacional - Sold out!

Septeto Nacional - Sold out!


Septeto Nacional
Ignacio Piñeiro de Cuba

Thursday, October 4, 7:30pm
at Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro de Cuba
SOLD OUT! - Check for turn-back tickets on day of performance.

Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro de Cuba

In a country with a dazzlingly rich history of innovative musical ensembles, Cuba’s Septeto Nacional boasts the grandest, most far-reaching legacy. Founded by legendary Afro-Cuban songwriter Ignacio Piñeiro in 1927, the group played an essential role in transforming son, a rural style created by troubadours in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba, into urbane dance music that transfixed Havana nightclubs. Pineiro’s band introduced clarion vocal harmonies and sophisticated orchestration while retaining the insistent pulse known as clave. The foundational style of much Cuban music, Septeto Nacional’s son influenced musical developments from Chicago to Mexico City to Kinshasa, and eventually gave birth to salsa. George Gershwin was so impressed by Septeto Nacional on a trip to Cuba in 1932 that he quoted Pineiro’s hit “Échale salsita” in his piece “Cuban Overture.” Over the years, the group has featured a succession of powerhouse vocalists who introduced Piñeiro’s classic songs to new generations. Now led by Eugenio “Raspa” Rodríguez and Frank “El Matador” Oropesa, the group focuses on its time-tested Piñeiro standards, but the contemporary arrangements reflect the sensibilities of Cuba’s modern musicians.

Artist Personnel

Eugenio "El Raspa" Rodriguez vocals
Dagoberto Sacerio Oliva vocals, guitar
Julio Martinez Hernandez vocals, maracas
Enrique Collazo tres
Augustin Someillan Garcia trumpet
Raul Acea Rivera bass
Francisco D. Oropesa-Fernandez bongo

"It is this classic group that paved the way for countless others in the course of Cuban music history. " — JazzTimes
"There’s no antiquarian dust on Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro… a pioneer of the Cuban son. " — The New York Times