Dianne Reeves

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Dianne Reeves

We may not confer royal titles like the old days, when jazz was led by a Duke, a Count, and a Lady, but Dianne Reeves is today’s uncontested jazz vocal queen. She’s a glorious singer with a sumptuous sound, who has for three decades proudly carried the torch kindled by Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan. Reeves is the only artist ever to win the Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocals in three consecutive years (2001- 2003), while her stunning 2006 soundtrack to George Clooney’s Good Night, and Good Luck netted a fourth. Ever since she was discovered in high school by the legendary trumpeter Clark Terry, Reeves has sought the widest possible array of musical experiences. Though her jazz roots run deep — pianist George Duke is a cousin — she first made her mark in the early ‘80s touring with Brazilian star Sergio Mendes. It wasn’t long before Harry Belafonte recruited Reeves, and traces of both experiences still reverberate in her music. She celebrates the release of her Concord Records debut, Beautiful Life – a scintillating session that combines R&B, Latin jazz and pop and is her first new album in six years.

Artist Personnel

Dianne Reeves vocals
Romero Lubambo guitar
Peter Martin piano
Reginald Veal bass
Terreon Gully drums

Artist Website

"She has an enormous voice and an enormous talent, and she offers it up to stun her audience. " — The New York Times
"She roams and explores, growls and catches at notes and phrasings. It is this audacity that makes Reeves’ voice an awesome instrument. " — People