Pacific Mambo Orchestra

Pacific Mambo Orchestra

Founded four years ago by Mexican-born pianist Christian Tumalan and German-born trumpeter Steffen Kuehn, the Bay Area’s Pacific Mambo Orchestra has established itself as the West Coast’s premiere Latin dance big band. They set the Latin music world on its ear in 2014 when their self-titled debut won the GRAMMY for Best Tropical Latin Album. Boasting a glittering array of veteran masters and stellar arrangements inspired by golden age Latin dance innovators Machito, Tito Puente and Tito Rodriguez, the 19-piece orchestra proved itself as a dance floor shaking force of nature during a long-running Monday night gig at Café Cocomo. Powered by a sensational percussion session featuring legendary San Francisco-born timbalero Karl Perazzo (a 20-year member of Santana), Venezuelan conguero Omar Ledezma Jr., and Peruvian bongo expert Braulio Barrera, the band also showcases savvy improvisers forged in the region’s most celebrated Latin bands. The surging brass section includes trumpeter Louis Fasman (Pete Escovedo Latin Jazz Orchestra and Wayne Wallace’s Rhythm and Rhyme), reed expert Pete Cornell (music director of Mazacote), and trombonist Jeff Cressman (Santana since 2000, and Peter Apfelbaum’s Hieroglyphics Ensemble), while Alexa Weber Morales brings sensually soaring vocals to the mix. There will be an open dance floor!

Artist Personnel

Christian Tumalan leader/piano
Steffen Kuehn leader/trumpet
Karl Perazzo percussion
Omar Ledezma percussion
Braulio Barrera percussion
Javier Cabanillas percussion
Alexa Morales vocals
Jorge Pomar bass
Jeff Lewis trumpet
Louis Fasmon trumpet
Henry Hung trumpet
Pete Cornell saxophone
Tony Peebles saxophone
Doug Rowan saxophone
Benny Torres saxophone
Aaron Lington saxophone
Jeff Cressman trombone
Mike Rinta trombone
Derek James trombone
Jamie Dubberly trombone

Artist Website

"The PMO is bristling with kinetic energy. The arrangements are sparkling and the rhythm section is hard core. " — Arturo O'Farrill
"One of the best current Latin orchestras in the world. " —