Mozilla's Night For Internet Health | SFJAZZ

Mozilla's Night For Internet Health

Thursday, June 29, 7:00pm
at SFJAZZ Center, Miner Auditorium

Visiting Presenter Series: Mozilla's Night For Internet Health  
SOLD OUT! - Check for turn-back tickets on day of performance.

Mozilla's Night For Internet Health

Thursday, June 29 · 7:00PM
SFJAZZ Center · Robert N. Miner Auditorium

Can we save the Internet, again?

At A Night for Internet Health, we'll explore how we can raise our voices for a healthy Internet. Musician Neko Case, Pod Save the People host DeRay McKesson, Teen Vogue columnist Lauren Duca, comedian Moshe Kasher, and tech media personality Veronica Belmont will share their stories transforming and being transformed by the Internet. They’ll talk about the vast possibilities online, the issues that affect us all, and what each of us can do to cultivate the kind of Web we want. And spoiler alert: you might even catch a video bomb from Net Neutrality hero Sen. Al Franken. By the end of the night, we’ll all have some new ideas for how to keep the Internet healthy, weird, and wonderful for us all.

This event is sold out.

Doors open at 7PM for drinks. Show 8-9:45PM. Stay for an after party!

Brought to you by Mozilla, makers of Firefox and champions of an Internet for people, not profit.

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