Pável Urkiza & Ricardo Pons

Pável Urkiza & Ricardo Pons


John Santos presents

Pável Urkiza
& Ricardo Pons

Thursday, March 21, 7:30pm
at SFJAZZ Center, Miner Auditorium

Pável Urkiza and Ricardo Pons

Pável Urkiza & Ricardo Pons

Far more than a master percussionist, John Santos is an invaluable educator and cultural activist, a keeper of the Afro-Caribbean flame steeped in Cuban and Puerto Rican folkloric traditions as well as salsa and Latin jazz. Born and raised in San Francisco’s Mission District amidst an extended family of Puerto Rican musicians, he’s been at the center of the Bay Area’s Latin music scene for nearly four decades. As a visionary bandleader and noted historian, he has served on the Smithsonian Institution’s Latin Jazz Advisory Committee.

Santos has played an essential role in expanding Latin jazz’s rhythmic lexicon beyond the foundational Cuban grooves. His programming as a Resident Artistic Director reflects his pan-Caribbean sensibility.

De Akokán, which means “from the heart” in Yoruba, is a project based on the 2011 duo album Buscando la esquina by Ukranainian-born Cuban singer-songwriter Pavel Urkiza and Puerto Rican reed expert Ricardo Pons. This collaboration explores filín, an expansive Cuban song style that draws heavily on jazz, and rhythms from West Africa, Brazil, the Mediterranean, and India.

Artist Personnel

Pavel Urkiza guitar, vocals
Ricardo Pons woodwinds
Yunior Terry bass
Camilo Molina percussion
Ernesto Oviedo vocals

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