Giant Steps Frequently Asked Questions

Giant Steps Frequently Asked Questions

What is Giant Steps?

Giant Steps is a donor program designed to complement existing or new memberships. By making a three-year membership commitment at any level from $300 Benefactor up through our Leaders Circle, you’ll become a Giant Steps Member and enjoy all of the core benefits of membership at your qualifying level, plus your name added to the glass wall facing Franklin Street.


What are the benefits of Giant Steps?

As a Giant Steps Member, you will enjoy all the core benefits of SFJAZZ membership at your qualifying level, plus:

  • Your name inscribed on the SFJAZZ Center (opportunities are limited– please act quickly!). 
  • Your Giant Steps membership will be active for three years, so you’ll never miss an on-sale. Forgo renewal notices, save time and help save our resources. 
  • Automatic monthly or annual payments for your convenience.


Why should I do this now?

With the SFJAZZ Center as a strong base, we look to fulfill a greater promise. Help us meet demands and expand opportunities for artists, students, and audiences alike. Your support will help bring collaborations and cultural transformations to our stages – and beyond our walls.

Giant Steps is only open through June 30, 2017. Please enroll today in celebration of our 5th anniversary season!


What if I want to join Giant Steps, but it's not time for my membership renewal yet?

You can join Giant Steps today and not lose a day of membership. Your three-year membership pledge will pick up at the end of your current membership. If you join online, your first payment is paid today and your subsequent pledge billing will begin after your current membership ends.


What if I am already a Giant Steps Founding Member?

Your Giant Steps pledge was a catalyst for opening the SFJAZZ Center in 2013. As a Giant Steps Founding Member, your listing will remain on the Giant Steps wall. By rejoining Giant Steps, you’ll help us bring groundbreaking new collaborations and transformations to our stages – and beyond our walls. You’ll also have the opportunity for an additional listing on the Giant Steps glass wall.


How do I know if I am a Giant Steps Founding Member?

Giant Steps Founding Members joined Giant Steps by making a three-year pledge leading up to the Grand Opening of the SFJAZZ Center in January 2013. Giant Steps Founding Members are currently recognized on the Giant Steps glass wall (but there is room for more names!).

Giant Steps Founding Members can find their name or current listing by downloading this PDF and using the search function.


If I join, can I put a name other than my own on the wall?

By default, your name will be inscribed on the Giant Steps wall. However, you may choose instead to recognize a friend or loved one. Listings such as “In Memory of” or “In Honor of” are encouraged. Giant Steps is a wonderful opportunity to connect a loved one to the SFJAZZ Center.


How do I join?

Make a three-year pledge at any level from $300 Benefactor up through Leaders Circle.

For example, if you are at the $60 Individual level, upgrade to Giant Steps at the $300 Benefactor level and you will have secured your membership for the next three years. If you are already at the $300 Benefactor level, then all you have to do is join Giant Steps to renew your membership for three years.

There are many ways to join Giant Steps:

  • Online: 
  • Phone: contact our Membership Department at 415.283.0337 
  • In Person: visit the SFJAZZ Box Office


When will the Giant Steps wall be updated?

The Giant Steps glass wall facing Franklin Street will be updated and revealed in Fall 2017.


Do I have to pay the full three years of my membership now?

No. You may complete your Giant Steps pledge monthly, annually, or in full. Giant Steps membership is available for as low as $25 a month, allowing you the convenience of automatic payments that best fit your budget.


How do automatic payments work?

Your credit card provided when you join Giant Steps will be securely stored and automatically charged on the 15th of the month. You can also pay annually by credit card or check.


What if my credit card number expires or changes?

Please contact the Membership Department at 415.283.0337 or to adjust your payment. After three missed monthly payments, your membership will be suspended. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you if a payment is missed.


When will I receive my Member card?

Your Member card will arrive in the mail at the start of each membership year, but your membership will be active for the full three years of your Giant Steps membership.


Can I purchase a Giant Steps membership as a gift for someone else?

Yes, we hope you will. Giant Steps is the perfect gift for anyone who loves jazz and world music. Your gift recipient will enjoy all the benefits of SFJAZZ membership, as well as their name on the Giant Steps glass wall. Plus, the gift is tax-deductible for you! If you’d like to purchase a Giant Steps membership for someone, please call our Membership Department at 415.283.0337.


What is the deadline for joining Giant Steps?

To take advantage of all the benefits offered, you must join by June 30, 2017.