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Digital FAQ


How do I log into the iOS app?

How do I log into the Android app?

How do I log in & watch with the Apple TV app?

How do I log into the Android TV app?

How do I log in on the Roku channel?


How do I login?

How do I know if my membership is active?

Accessing SFJAZZ Digital

How do I purchase and access SFJAZZ Digital content?

How do I know how much time I have left to view my On Demand concert rental?

Why do members have to pay $5 for on demand and livestream content?

Can I give a digital concert as a gift?

I did not receive an email confirmation. How do I know if my On Demand purchase went through?

Can I download the On Demand concerts to watch offline?

Optimizing SFJAZZ Digital

For tips on how to optimize your experience of SFJAZZ Digital, please refer to our "Best Ways To Watch" guide.


How do I watch Fridays at Five?

How do I cast Fridays at Five to my TV?

How do I participate in the Fridays at Five chat?

Having audio/video sync issues? No video in your video player?

Can I watch Fridays at Five on demand?

Where can I find help documents for digital patrons?

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