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Digital Memberships

Digital Members receive full online access to the new SFJAZZ streaming concert series Fridays at Five. For just $5 a month, you can sign up for our digital membership and tune in each Friday at 5 PM (PT) for the latest concert. Make it a regular date. Bring a glass of wine and cozy up – we think you will discover that digital technology can reveal new dimensions of musical performance.

NOTE! Digital Membership does not include the benefits of SFJAZZ Membership such as access to tickets and discounts for our live presentations. SFJAZZ Members receive free access to the Fridays at Five streaming concert series, and do not need to also enroll in the monthly Digital Membership. Visit SFJAZZ.org/membership for more info.

gift memberships

Share our exclusive online concerts with friends, family, and colleagues. Select a membership level, then "This is a gift membership" below.

Please note: Gift Memberships are meant for individuals other than yourself. To purchase or renew your own membership, please do not select "This is a Gift Membership". To give a Gift Membership, you must include the recipient's contact information. Please allow up to 3 business days for Gift Memberships to be processed.

Gift Membership FAQ 

Levels of Membership

  • Annual Digital Membership 60.00

    A full year of access to Fridays at Five - plus: avoid renewing monthly and enjoy knowing that you are helping SFJAZZ plan for the reopening of the SFJAZZ Center!

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  • One Month Digital Membership 5.00

    A full month of access to Fridays at Five (at least four concerts)!

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Membership Information

The cost of the selected membership level:

The cost of the selected membership level:

Gift Membership information and Fridays at Five login instructions will be sent via email to the gift recipient on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. Gift Memberships purchased on Friday will be processed for next week's show. Please note: gift memberships may take up to 5 business days for processing.