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TWIL Quote - Esperanza Spalding

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Having a space where local artists,
visiting artists can share their
music with audiences, is much
appreciated. So that’s exciting.

The World is Listening

And here’s what some of the musicians are saying about the new SFJAZZ Center. Visit sfjazz.org/videos to see these and many other interviews.

TWIL Quote - Chucho Valdez

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I think the concert hall is a beautiful idea for the jazz and the education of the new generations.

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Discover Jazz Course 1

Criolla y Sabrosa: La Música Puertorriqueña

Co-presented with Yerba Buena Gardens Festival & Museum of the African Diaspora

Criolla y Sabrosa: La Música Puertorriqueña (Puerto Rican Music: Creole and Tasty) is an eight-week lecture series by five-time Grammy-nominated musician John Santos that delves into the origins, evolution and relevance of Puerto Rican music, encapsulating the folk and popular trends of this tiny yet highly expressive Caribbean nation. European, African, and Indigenous roots - and an often-violent political history - form the foundation of Puerto Rican traditional and popular music, setting the stage for the birth of Salsa in New York's Puerto Rican community. Mr. Santos will illuminate Puerto Rico's musical evolution from a socio-political perspective through audio examples from his legendary collection, video clips and historical background based on his lifetime of immersion in Puerto Rican music. The eight, two-hour sessions will cover a variety of themes and may be enjoyed as a series or individually.

Discover Jazz Course 2

Música Cubana: Jazz in Cuba and Beyond

Of all the Antilles, no island has done more to influence the outcome of American jazz than Cuba…from the infectious mambo to modern-day timba and beyond. Jazz, too, made its indelible mark on the island’s music, exploring the perfect marriage of luscious harmony and dance-churning rhythms, and finding a host of innovators along the way who would share the wealth of this “new” music, much of which would evolve far to the north in New York City. From the classic sounds of Machito and Mario Bauzá, Dizzy Gillespie and Tito Puente to the explosive modernists such as Chucho Valdés, Irakere and Emiliano Salvador, Jazz and Cuban music continue to walk – and dance – hand in hand. Taught by pianist, musicologist and SFJAZZ Director of Education Rebeca Mauleón, this five-week series will explore the remarkable history of jazz in and out of Cuba, and will feature live performances by Mauleón herself along with many special guest artists! This course may be enjoyed as a series or individually.

2012 Spring Family Matinees

The Marcus Shelby Trio hosts our spring Matinee series, highlighting the primary solo or “lead” instruments of jazz as well as the role of the vocalist. Each matinee will focus on a particular instrument used in jazz and explore the techniques and innovations developed by some of the most celebrated artists. Enjoyed individually or as a series, these Family Matinees will change the way you hear jazz.