If my seats skip a number (e.g. seat 1 and seat 3), are they together?

Yes. In many of our concert venues (Nob Hill Masonic Center, Herbst Theatre, Palace of Fine Arts, Calvin Simmons Theatre, Davies Symphony Hall, War Memorial Opera House), the seating is arranged with single or double-digit even numbered seats on one side of the hall and odd numbered seats on the other. So if your string of seats is consecutive even or odd numbers, all your seats are still together.

Is there a limit on the number of tickets I can purchase?

No. For most concerts, SFJAZZ encourages you to buy as many tickets as you like. To deter “scalpers” and ensure that members have access to the most popular concerts, SFJAZZ may occasionally enact a ticket limit for specific shows.

Can I buy tickets for other people using my membership?

Yes. Your membership is yours to use as you wish. Feel free to buy tickets for family, friends or colleagues. Remember: To qualify for member benefits such as advanced ticket-buying and discounts, you must place and pay for the ticket order under your membership account. The tickets will be given or mailed directly to you. Then you may distribute the tickets to others on your own.

Do members get better seats than non-members?

Yes. SFJAZZ members take advantage of their exclusive, members-only ticket sales period to secure the best seats. There are two on-sale periods per year – mid-summer for the San Francisco Jazz Festival and mid-winter for the SFJAZZ Spring Season. Since member tickets go on sale two to three weeks in advance of the general public, members have access to the very best selection of seats. Once public sales begin, then members and non-members have access to the same selection of available seats.

How can I get a Ticket Order Form?

Ticket order forms are mailed in our season brochures and newsletters. You may also request an order form to be faxed to you by calling 415-788-7353.

How can I buy tickets without paying service charges?

SFJAZZ members can submit online ticket orders as well as purchase tickets by phone, fax and mail free of service charges at any time. All SFJAZZ customers (members and non-members) save money on tickets purchased in person at the SFJAZZ box office – there are no service charges. Tickets purchased day of show at the venue, or “at the door,” are also free of service charges (door sales begin 90 minutes prior to show time). Get more information on ticket buying options.

What do the different ticket prices mean?

SFJAZZ offers multiple levels of ticket pricing, each of which correspond to a specific area of the theatre. The highest price signifies the most front and most centrally located seats. In certain venues, the lowest priced tickets may have view limitations or obstructions. Some price ranges are available on multiple floors or levels within a theatre, while other prices may be limited to one specific area. Keep in mind that seating choices are based upon personal preferences, and you should purchase the tickets that best suit your own taste.

How can I purchase wheelchair seats?

In accordance with ADA regulations, our concert venues provide specifically designated wheelchair accessible seating that is reserved for those needing such accommodations. For more information on wheelchair seating, call 415-788-7353 or email to boxoffice@sfjazz.org.

Can I pick out my seats?

Yes, by specific methods only. When purchasing tickets, specific seating selections can be made via all purchase methods except fax and mail, which offer the best available seating in the selected price range, but do not allow for specific seat choices.

What about group discounts?

SFJAZZ also has a group discount program that is ideal for conventions, tours, schools, churches, alumni groups and other organizations planning special events. Purchase 10 or more tickets and receive 10% off the regular ticket price! Groups of 25 or more receive 15% off! Some group discounts may vary according to show and season. For more information about group orders, write to groupsales@sfjazz.org or call 415-788-7353.