Can I join online or over the phone?

There are many ways to join Giant Steps:

  • Online:
  • Phone: contact our Membership Department at (415) 398-5655 x125
  • Mail: request a brochure and sign-up form from our Membership Department at (415) 398-5655 x125 or
  • In Person: visit our Box Office

How do I join?

Make a commitment at any annual membership level from $300 Benefactor up through our Leaders Circle and agree to stay at that level for three years.

For example, if you are at the $60 Individual level, upgrade to the $300 Benefactor level and you not only will have secured your membership through the opening of our new home, you'll also be part of the Giant Steps. If you are already at the $300 Benefactor level, then all you have to do is agree to renew your membership for three years.

What are the benefits of Giant Steps?

As a Giant Steps Founding Member, you will enjoy all the core benefits of SFJAZZ membership at your qualifying level, plus:

  • Your name inscribed on the SFJAZZ Center (limited opportunities available - please act quickly).
  • An invitation to an exclusive grand opening celebration (two commemorative passes per Giant Steps household).
  • The satisfaction that you're playing a key part in the making of jazz history.

What is Giant Steps?

Giant Steps is a program designed to complement existing or new memberships and give you a chance to take part in jazz history. By making a commitment at any membership level from $300 Benefactor up through our Leaders Circle and agreeing to stay at that level for three years, you'll become a Giant Steps Founding Member and enjoy all of the core benefits of membership at your qualifying level, plus receive once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that put you in the front row on the exciting journey to our new home, the SFJAZZ Center.

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SFJAZZ Collective

Official SFJAZZ Center Press Release - Article

San Francisco Jazz Group Plans Its Own Building Dedicated to the Genre

Nomadic SFJazz to settle into permanent home

Press Quotes

"The octet boasts as much or more collective talent, firepower and critical acclaim than any other jazz ensemble going.. " — DownBeat
"As soloists you won't be able to find a finer collection of leaders who have come together in the spirit of communal communication. " —
"Music of Stevie Wonder: Live 2011 " — Best of 2011 lists from JazzTimes' Don Heckman & Geoffrey Himes
"It is a marvelous group. You should be congratulated for creating this ensemble. " — George Wein
"The Collective demonstrates the ability to look beyond jazz for inspiration while still remaining true to its core concept. " — All About Jazz
"Whatever it is, the SFJAZZ Collective idea really works where other all-star bands have failed. They’ve created a setting where the brilliance of every player comes through in harmony with the others. " — Kansas City Star
"The influence of eight of the most important jazz musicians in the world covering (Wonder) tunes will certainly shape the next five years. " — RVAJazz (Richmond, VA)
"Music of Stevie Wonder: Live 2011 " — Best of 2011 list from Jazz Journalist Association's Willard Jenkins
"In its eight-year existence, the SFJAZZ Collective has gone from triumph to triumph. " — All About Jazz
"A brilliant mix of post-bop reconstructions of the Motown icon's classics like "VIsions" and "Do I Do," alongside the groups lovingly rendered originals. " — DownBeat
"What its members bring to the table as composers, arrangers and players... that's the real reason the SFJAZZ Collective continues to be so successful. " — All About Jazz
"Music of Stevie Wonder: Live 2011 " — Best of 2011 list from Jazz Journalist Association's Sharonne Cohen
"You can propose various definitions for what this band represents, but it’s a superbrain for what serious jazz sounds like now. " — The New York Times
"The Collective [is] the best kind of jazz laboratory; one where the heroes of the past are celebrated alongside these relatively young icons in the making. " — All About Jazz
"Jazz at its highest levels: emotionally accessible, intellectually rigorous, and challenging to the octet, its soloists, and listeners. " — Daily Gazette, Albany, NY