What is the deadline for joining Giant Steps?

You may join Giants Steps anytime between now and when we open our new home. The sooner you act, however, the more benefits you'll be able to enjoy.

Do I have to pay the full three years of my commitment today?

We greatly appreciate full payments for your three-year Giant Steps commitment now. This way, you won't have to deal with membership renewal notices until 2013, which is very nice for you, and greatly reduces printing and administrative costs for us. However, you may opt to pay the first year of your three-year commitment now and authorize SFJAZZ to charge your credit card the following two installments over the next two years.

Why should I do this now?

This will only happen once! And since there are many exciting moments in the process of building our new home, there are also many opportunities for jazz and world music fans to be a part of history. Giant Steps is about the journey and the process-from groundbreaking to the grand opening. Additionally, in the next two years we must build our annual operating budget so that we can continue to present the highest quality programming. Giant Steps Founding Members are an essential part of this effort.

What if I want to join Giant Steps, but it's not time for my membership renewal yet?

Make a three-year commitment and you're a Giant Steps Founding Member today. Your new membership pledge will pick up at the end of your current membership, your current membership will automatically be matched to your selected Giant Steps level at no additional cost, and you'll have access to all the benefits of Giant Steps right away!

What is the difference between the Giant Steps and SFJAZZ membership?

Giant Steps simply enhances your SFJAZZ membership. When you commit to three years of support at any annual level from $300 Benefactor up through the Leaders Circle, you'll instantly be a Giant Steps Founding Member too. You'll enjoy all the core SFJAZZ membership benefits, but as a Giant Steps Founding Member, you will also witness firsthand this exciting time in our organization's history. The exclusive access and events celebrating the journey to our new home-from groundbreaking to the grand opening-are opportunities that that will not be available to the rest of our membership.

Can I join online or over the phone?

There are many ways to join Giant Steps:

  • Online: sfjazz.org/giantsteps
  • Phone: contact our Membership Department at (415) 398-5655 x125
  • Mail: request a brochure and sign-up form from our Membership Department at (415) 398-5655 x125 or members@sfjazz.org
  • In Person: visit our Box Office

How do I join?

Make a commitment at any annual membership level from $300 Benefactor up through our Leaders Circle and agree to stay at that level for three years.

For example, if you are at the $60 Individual level, upgrade to the $300 Benefactor level and you not only will have secured your membership through the opening of our new home, you'll also be part of the Giant Steps. If you are already at the $300 Benefactor level, then all you have to do is agree to renew your membership for three years.

What are the benefits of Giant Steps?

As a Giant Steps Founding Member, you will enjoy all the core benefits of SFJAZZ membership at your qualifying level, plus:

  • Your name inscribed on the SFJAZZ Center (limited opportunities available - please act quickly).
  • An invitation to an exclusive grand opening celebration (two commemorative passes per Giant Steps household).
  • The satisfaction that you're playing a key part in the making of jazz history.

What is Giant Steps?

Giant Steps is a program designed to complement existing or new memberships and give you a chance to take part in jazz history. By making a commitment at any membership level from $300 Benefactor up through our Leaders Circle and agreeing to stay at that level for three years, you'll become a Giant Steps Founding Member and enjoy all of the core benefits of membership at your qualifying level, plus receive once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that put you in the front row on the exciting journey to our new home, the SFJAZZ Center.

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