Season 1: Afro-Cuban Events

SFJAZZ Center Season 1

Now through June 9, 2013


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The Lyrical Side of Jazz Playing

with Paul Contos
Wednesday, June 5, 7-9pm • Joe Henderson Lab

Non-Members: $40
SFJAZZ Members: $30

In this very special master class for musicians of all levels, renowned saxophonist, educator and Monterey Jazz Festival Education Director Paul Contos demonstrates how to express various forms of melody in the jazz language through playing techniques, including: developing your own personal approach to melody, incorporating varying techniques to improve your improvisational skills, and using harmonic knowledge to enhance melodic playing. The jazz lexicon will be used to display the many tools utilized by musicians to interpret song as an individual expressive medium and develop one’s personal style. Open to all melodic instruments, this unique class will help push musicians to embrace a more creative side of melodic interpretation and highlight the many possibilities within the standard jazz repertoire. Open to musicians and vocalists of all levels, and ideal for students having a basic familiarity with chords and scales as well as proficiency on his/her instrument.

Afro Puerto Rican Drum & Song

with Hector Lugo & Grupo Aguacero
Sunday, June 2, 1-3pm • Joe Henderson Lab

Non-Members: $35
SFJAZZ Members: $25

This hands-on workshop will focus on four of the most popular Seises de Bomba (Bomba sub-genres) from the Santurce tradition: the sicá, the yubá, the cuembé and the holandés. Participants will learn the basic rhythmic patterns characteristic of each one of these styles, as well as techniques of playing the barriles (barrel drums), cuás (sticks) and maraca (shaker), the traditional instruments of the Puerto Rican Bomba. Participants will also learn one song for each of these seises, exploring the origins, evolution, and significance of Bomba in Puerto Rico’s rich musical culture. Héctor Lugo, musical director of Bay Area-based ensembles Grupo Aguacero and La Mixta Criolla, will lead the workshop. The session will begin a fabulous demonstration of Bomba music and dance by Grupo Aguacero! No previous experience necessary; instruments provided.

Body Music

3-week series with Keith Terry
Wednesdays May 15, 22 & June 5, 7-8:30pm • Joe Henderson Lab
May 29th's class has been rescheduled for June 5th, same time and place. Thank you!

Non-Members: $35 per class; $105 full course
SFJAZZ Members: $25 per class; $75 full course

Body Music – also known as Body Percussion and Body Drumming – is the oldest music on the planet. Before people were hollowing logs and slapping rocks, they were using their bodies to stomp, clap, snap, sing and chant their musical ideas. Join Keith Terry in a three-part exploration of this amazing music played on the instrument we all share – the human body. Session one (5/15) surveys the field of traditional styles, from African-American hambone and Flamenco palmas to Sumatran saman and Ethiopian armpit music. Session two (5/22) introduces the basics of Keith's contemporary style of Body Music he's been developing over the past thirty-five years, based on his training as a jazz drummer, as well as his years of intensive study and collaboration with world rhythmic systems. Session three culminates the series with a performance by Keith Terry with special guests Evie Ladin & Cecilia Engelhart. No previous experience necessary.

*May 29th's class has been rescheduled for June 5th.

Club Skills for Brass Players



6-week series with Chuck MacKinnon
Sundays, Apr 7 - May 19, 1-2:30pm • Joe Henderson Lab

Non-Members: $35 per class; $210 full course
SFJAZZ Members: $25 per class; $150 full course

Taught by jazz trumpeter Chuck McKinnon, Club Skills is a six-week group lesson that prepares trumpeters and trombonists for the club performance environment. This will be a supportive atmosphere where you will attain the repertoire and improvisational skills necessary to perform in the jazz tradition, focusing on memorization of the easiest songs that can be played at jam sessions worldwide. Individualized, level-appropriate repertoire preparation will be developed for each participant in addition to instruction in jam session etiquette. Historical perspective of the jazz trumpet tradition will be presented, including transcriptions and analysis of key trumpeters such as Clifford Brown, Miles Davis, Lee Morgan, Freddie Hubbard, and Woody Shaw. Space is limited to ten (10) aspiring brass players (older teens and adults) with knowledge of major scales and the desire to improvise.

Core Concepts for the Vocal Jazz Improviser

with Kitty Margolis
Saturday, March 2, 1-4pm • Joe Henderson Lab

Non-Members: $150
SFJAZZ Members: $120


Want to make the transformational leap from “jazzy” singer to “Jazz” singer? In this master class, critically acclaimed vocalist/educator and recording artist Kitty Margolis will offer her unique insight into the secrets of vocal jazz from the nuts and bolts to the heart and soul. Well-known for her straightforward, inspiring and humorous approach in imparting the complexities of the improvisational mind-set, the globetrotting Margolis – whose award-winning recordings have earned her top-ten airplay and an international fan-base – has been a guest lecturer in the jazz studies programs of the world’s renowned universities and high schools. Says one gratified workshop participant; “I learned more in one life-changing hour with Kitty than a whole year of jazz instruction.” A world-class accompanist will be on hand. Come ready to sing and leave with deeper understanding, refreshed motivation, and new chops. This unique session will be limited to ten (10) intermediate and advanced-beginner level vocalists.

Rhythm Nation: From Cuba With Love

with Afro-Cuban All Stars
Saturday, February 23, 1-2:30pm • Joe Henderson Lab

Non-Members: $30
SFJAZZ Members: $25

SFJAZZ Education is pleased to host the legendary Afro-Cuban All-Stars in a rare and intimate master class setting during their four-night run at the SFJAZZ Center. Open to all audiences interested in the magic and mystery of Afro-Cuban culture, this special program will explore the rich and evolving tradition of Cuba’s popular music with live demonstration and conversation. Musical director and front man Juan de Marcos – long-time director of Sierra Maestra before the explosion of the Buena Vista Social Club phenomenon – shares his wealth of knowledge and experience alongside pianist, composer and SFJAZZ Director of Education Rebeca Mauleón for this rare, hands-on event. Participants will be encouraged to play, sing, dance and experience the full immersion into the joyous world of Afro-Cuban music. No previous experience necessary. Musicians are encouraged to bring claves, maracas and other small percussion.

The Great Guitars

14-week series
Thursdays, Feb 21 - May 23, 7-8:30pm • Joe Henderson Lab

PLEASE NOTE: Classes that take place on March 14 and April 11 will take place at the SF Conservatory of Music at 50 Oak Street, one block away from the SFJAZZ Center.

Non-Members: $30 per class; $420 full course
SFJAZZ Members: $25 per class; $350 full course

An exciting interactive class for aspiring jazz guitarists and guitar enthusiasts taught by award-winning performer Mimi Fox, “The Great Guitars” will cover the playing styles and music of jazz guitar greats including Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, Joe Pass, Kenny Burrell and others. Note-for-note transcriptions of the artists’ solos will be analyzed in detail and students will be encouraged to play along with the original recordings. Through discreet listening, Fox will demonstrate phrasing, articulation and rhythmic styles of the masters and assist students in all aspects of playing these pieces. She will provide insights into other aspects of these great musicians’ music and life through her first-hand experiences performing with many of them. The class is open to all intermediate/advanced guitarists with a good foundation in jazz theory and guitar technique and also to interested aficionados wanting more insight into these great artists and their music. This 14-week class culminates with exciting performance featuring Fox and special guests Wil Blades (B3) and Akira Tana (drums) on Thursday, May 23rd in the Joe Henderson Lab.

Digital Music Production

4-class series
Saturdays April 13 – May 4
Adults: 10am-1pm
Teens: 1:30-4:30pm

Non-Members: $60 per class; $240 full course
SFJAZZ Members: $45 per class; $180 full course
Phil Hawkins, Instructor

The SFJAZZ Digital Lab offers an array of instruction in digital music production, including theory and musicianship, MIDI basics, notation skills, sequencing and audio recording as well as basic introduction to the digital workstation environment. Students will explore a variety of software-based tools and programs while gaining an understanding of essential music skills such as song form, compositional technique and the aesthetics of digital production. Introductory courses are offered in two sections, on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings (for adults) and Tuesday and Saturday afternoons (for teens ages 15 and older). Our intimate Digital Lab space is ideally suited to providing small-group instruction with top-notch faculty in a state-of-the-art environment.

For older teens and adults with moderate skills and familiarity with the digital music environment, this four- week intensive course will survey the software, hardware and procedures involved with digital audio recording, MIDI sequencing and post-production. Specific subject areas include recording techniques, non-linear editing, mixing, plug-ins, mastering, digital audio for video and song creation using a Pro Tools based DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Students will complete several hands-on projects in order to develop their technical and musicianship skills. The course will incorporate the use of jazz standards to demonstrate song form, basic notation, and musical style. Maximum 15 students per class.