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February 7, 2017 | by SFJAZZ

Zakir Hussain

"Anahata" is a short film celebrating world music icon Zakir Hussain produced by SFJAZZ and directed by Anisa Qureshi (Zakir's daughter), which premiered to close out the SFJAZZ Gala 2017 honoring Zakir Hussain on January 18, 2017, and features interviews with Vijay Iyer, Eric Harland, Bela Fleck, Mickey Hart, Herbie Hancock, Zane Dilal, Edgar Meyer, Michael Tilson Thomas, John McLaughlin, Alonzo King and Charles Lloyd.

A note from Director Anisa Qureshi:

"Anahata" or the "un-struck sound" is the sanskrit word for the heart chakra, the fourth chakra and refers to the sound made by the creation of the universe that still reverberates in the celestial realm. It is the most sacred vibration and is likened to the sound of waves crashing on the shore or thunder... and when you hear it, it is said you will know nirvana.

Although "Anahata" is not usually associated with anything struck or hit like a drum, it in every way reminds me of my father, Zakir Hussain, a man ruled by his expansive and inimitable heart, a seeker and devotee of the truest rhythmic vibration, a being who completely lets go of himself in order to channel mystical sounds to the people of the world.

Anyone who has met him can feel the power of that heart, the miracle of which is just as permeable and transformational as any "struck sound" he creates on the tabla.

As a daughter of the muse, I've seen him play incredible, unbelievable music. I've even felt fear that his heart might stop from doing things that did not seem humanly possible, but to me the most exceptional thing about my father is who he is as man, as a whole being. I'm not alone in this feeling. In "Anahata" you will hear many of the musical luminaries of the world share that same belief.

Our deepest gratitude goes to SFJAZZ and the incomparable musicians who shared their words on Zakir. Our musical fraternity is our family and through it we can and do accomplish great things together.