Master Class

The Lyrical Side of
Jazz Playing

with Paul Contos

Master Classes & Group Instruction

The Lyrical Side of Jazz Playing

with Paul Contos
Wednesday, June 5, 7-9pm • Joe Henderson Lab

Non-Members: $40
SFJAZZ Members: $30

In this very special master class for musicians of all levels, renowned saxophonist, educator and Monterey Jazz Festival Education Director Paul Contos demonstrates how to express various forms of melody in the jazz language through playing techniques, including: developing your own personal approach to melody, incorporating varying techniques to improve your improvisational skills, and using harmonic knowledge to enhance melodic playing. The jazz lexicon will be used to display the many tools utilized by musicians to interpret song as an individual expressive medium and develop one’s personal style. Open to all melodic instruments, this unique class will help push musicians to embrace a more creative side of melodic interpretation and highlight the many possibilities within the standard jazz repertoire. Open to musicians and vocalists of all levels, and ideal for students having a basic familiarity with chords and scales as well as proficiency on his/her instrument.