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The dynamic multicultural musical approach of Bokanté

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Originally Recorded: SEP 16, 2018
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SFJAZZ has long maintained a relationship with the members of jazz/funk superband Snarky Puppy. Named with the word meaning “exchange” in the Antillean Creole language spoken on vocalist Malika Tirolien’s Caribbean home island of Guadeloupe, Bokanté is one of the latest omnivorous conglomerations assembled by bassist and Snarky Puppy mastermind Michael League. This joyous performance, filmed in September 2018 and streamed on Fridays at Five in October 2020, combines the Snarky Puppy guitar line and lap steel virtuoso Roosevelt Collier with a trio of percussionists including Swedish virtuoso André Ferrari and Ghanaian master Weedie Braimah. Bokanté brings a dynamic multicultural musical approach that marries the electric blues of Led Zeppelin with Afropop and folkloric Caribbean styles, unified by the soaring vocals of Tirolien, whose lyrics paint unflinching portraits of joy, protest, racism, triumph, crisis, hope, and unity.

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music Michael League & Malika Tirolien, lyrics Malika Tirolien
"Famn" Michael League & Malika Tirolien
"Roudesann" music Michael League & Malika Tirolien, lyrics Malika Tirolien
"Limyè" Michael League, Malika Tirolien, & Andre Ferrari
"Maison En Feu" Michael League & Malika Tirolien
"Jou Ké Ouvè" music Michael League & Malika Tirolien, lyrics Malika Tirolien
"Don't Do It" music & lyrics Michael League & Malika Tirolien
"Chambre à Échos" music & lyrics Michael League & Malika Tirolien
"Nou Tout Sé Yonn" music Michael League & Malika Tirolien, lyrics Malika Tirolien
"Héritier" music & lyrics Malika Tirolien

Malika Tirolien 
Michael League guitar
Roosevelt Collier lap steel guitar
Jordan Peters guitar
Bob Lanzetti guitar
Julia Adamy bass
André Ferrari percussion
José Perez percussion
Weedie Braimah percussion

Video Trailer

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