Jazz in the Middle

6th Grade

Jazz in the Middle

Blues & Poetry

Our flagship 6th grade Blues & Poetry program, created in collaboration with Youth Speaks Inc, connects academic learning and jazz in the language arts classroom, exploring the artistic parallels between linguistic, spatial and musical expression. It combines interactive musical experiences, opportunities to develop literacy skills, and hands-on technology learning. In this one week artists-in-residence program, students engage in dynamic, creative, and collaborative experiences with professional artists as they're immersed in the vibrant world of jazz.

The residency consists of five ninety-minute classroom sessions. The program is led by two SFJAZZ Teacher/Artists and one poetry specialist from Youth Speaks. The final day of the residency features a performance by the students and an SFJAZZ quartet.

Sessions Overview:

Interactive Lecture/Demonstation: The first 45-minutes of Sessions 1-3 feature an interactive musical learning experience, consisting of a lecture, questions and hand-on learning activities.

Collaborative Learning Stations: During the second component of each session, students participate in multifaceted learning stations, which include Digital Music, Poetry and Music & Poetry Performance Techniques. The class is divided into three groups. Each day, the groups rotate to one of the three stations and participate in the designed learning activity.

Performance, Student Showcase Day. The final session culminates in a performance by the full SFJAZZ in the Middle quartet. The group performs selected blues and jazz standards of different tempos and styles. Students then hear their own work from the Digital Music stations before performing their poems, with the SFJAZZ in the Middle quartet.