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50% off last-minute tickets

Student Rush

Who is eligible for the discount?
Students: grade school, middle school, high school and college (including graduate school). College and graduate students must have valid student ID. The Student Rush discount is not transferable to anyone who is not an eligible student.

Which events are eligible for Student Rush discount tickets?
All SFJAZZ events that are not already discounted (e.g., Family Matinee Concerts, Special Family Shows, Education Events such as Beacon Award concerts, Koret Discover Jazz classes.)

How many Student Rush discount tickets can I buy?
Each eligible student may buy up to two discounted tickets.

How do I buy Student Rush discounted tickets?
Eligible students enjoy 50% off the regular ticket price to SFJAZZ concerts (see exceptions above), based upon ticket availability. Heavily-sold shows that are close to selling out may not be available for Student Rush. These discounted tickets can only be purchased at the venue ticket window on the day/night of the event. Just show your valid student ID and ask for Student Rush. (Note: Availability of Student Rush tickets for a given event will not be announced in advance.)

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