Regina Carter: Southern Comfort

Regina Carter: Southern Comfort

Regina Carter

Southern Comfort

Sunday, May 4, 4:00pm
at SFJAZZ Center, Miner Auditorium

Resident Artistic Director Regina Carter
Southern Comfort Series: Resident Artistic Director Regina Carter · Spring Shows  

Regina Carter presents Southern Comfort

For Regina Carter, the violin isn’t merely an improvisational vehicle. It’s a Rosetta stone that unlocks the door to myriad cultures and worlds. An intrepid musical explorer, Carter has greatly expanded her violin odyssey since being awarded a coveted 2006 MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Fellowship. Her latest project, Southern Comfort, is a collection of songs that pays homage to her grandfather’s roots as a coal miner in Alabama and celebrates the joyous folk music that infused her early childhood. Southern Comfort traces blues, gospel, spirituals, folk and country music as they evolved with jazz, R&B and global influences in the latter half of the 20th century. From timeless traditional tunes of the South to a gloriously re-imagined take on the music of Hank Williams, Southern Comfort is a vivid travelogue of the music at the heart of the American experience, brought to life by a modern master.

Artist Personnel

Regina Carter, violin
Marvin Sewell, guitar
Will Holshouser, accordion
Jesse Murphy, bass
Alvester Garnett, drums

Artist Website

"A tour de force...melody from the British Isles, rhythms from the Caribbean and West Africa, lilt from the Cajun South, and persuasive swing from uptown Saturday night. " — East Bay Express
"The important concept behind Southern Comfort takes things to another level, but the music more than stands on its own—it soars. " — Time Out New York
"Southern Comfort is as likely to be savored by Americana acolytes as by Carter’s existing jazz audience, but she’s unafraid to play fast and loose with any notion of what exactly Americana is. " — JazzTimes