Smith Dobson plays Lester Young

Smith Dobson plays Lester Young

Smith Dobson brings his Prez Kids to close out Hotplate’s long-standing run at Amnesia with a Lester Young tribute for the books.

Includes FRONT BURNER session on the life and times of Lester Young.

About Smith Dobson
Smith Dobson V has spent the past 15 years involved in a myriad of different musical projects, both as a leader and side-man. Born into a family of professional jazz musicians, Dobson's father, the late pianist Smith Dobson IV, and vocalist mother Gail Dobson, taught Smith V music at a very early age. After moving to San Francisco, he began to back the likes of local heavy hitters the likes of Ben Goldberg, John Handy, Dred Scott, Dayna Stephens, Marcus Shelby, and many others. The past few years Dobson has been focused on the release of his own modern jazz compositions with Basement Bloodlines in 2005 and the debut of his indie project Grand Lodge in 2010. Dobson's latest venture is leading his newest band, Prez Kids, playing jazz influenced by the iconic Lester Young and early swing era - recently featured on KCSM during Jim Bennett's show.

About Lester Young
One of the true jazz giants, Lester Young took the tenor saxophone to new levels and was one of the most influential players of his time. After coming into prominence as a member of the Count Basie orchestra, Young spent most of his career under the radar, co-leading a project with his brother, drummer Lee Young while in Los Angeles before being drafted, an experience that had long lasting effects on his mental state of mind. The late-‘40s and '50s saw him touring with Jazz at the Philharmonic, coming to a peak with his 1956 Jazz Giants album. Shortly thereafter, the huge amounts of liquor finally took their toll and in 1959 he passed away.

Artist Personnel

Smith Dobson tenor sax
Erik Jekabsen
Danny Grewen
Rob Reich
piano, accordion
John Wiitala
Tony Johnson drums

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