Fall 2011 Staff Picks

Fall 2011 Staff Picks

Jen Utsey

      Saturday, December 10, 8:00pm      
      at Herbst Theatre

In the day when I was a novice relative to JAZZ... I still liked Ahmad Jamal... I had no clue as to what I was listening to but, it was intoxicating, I can't believe that after all these years things have just mellowed....

      Saturday, December 17, 8:00pm      
      at Paramount Theatre

I am a God fearing woman who loves to show my true SPIRIT...and Mary Mary gets down like I do...HEY!

      Thursday, October 27, 7:30pm      
      at YBCA Forum

All I'm sayin' is, Everybody's talking bout the 7th son....


Okay, I just took those DARN braids outta my hair.... Now I know what Indie was really alluding to!!! I AM NOT MY HAIR!

      Saturday, September 17, 8:00pm      
      at Herbst Theatre

"Green Onions" still taste good mixed in with turnip and mustard greens and a piece of hot water cornbread! Y'all just don't understand....