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We're pleased to reveal the new Giant Steps wall at the SFJAZZ Center. Adding more names is an indication of how our community has grown and continues to inspire audiences - a reflection of what we've accomplished together.

Please feel free to search and discover your listing among the names of other like-minded Members and the many artists who have played on SFJAZZ stages.

To search, please click on the magnifying glass on the top of the document. Your location will be highlighted.

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Giant Steps is a donor program designed to compliment existing or new memberships. By making a three-year membership commitment at any level from Benefactor up through our Leaders Circle, Giant Steps Members enjoy all of the core benefits of membership at their qualifying level, plus their name added to the glass wall facing Franklin Street. Enrollment for Giant Steps has ended.

For Giant Steps questions, please call 415.283.0337 or email [email protected].

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