Monday Night Band Audition Sign-Ups

To audition, please fill out and submit the audition form, providing a link to a Youtube video of you playing (see details below). Please announce your name at the beginning of the recording, and announce each piece you will play before playing it.

If you are not able to provide a video of yourself, you may send an audio recording in mp3 or WAV format, and include a passport-type photo of yourself. Send to Halley Elwell, 201 Franklin St., San Francisco, CA 94102. Clearly label the disc with your name, contact info and each track name. Live recordings only. No overdub, etc. You may also email the sound file and photograph to Halley at Please put “Monday Night Band Audition” in the subject heading and be sure to indicate your name, instrument and contact information in the body of the email.

How to Enroll

The Monday Night Band is by audition only. This is a three-step process:

1. Complete the audition form and submit your audition materials.
2. Musicians who have been accepted into the band will be given a link to the website to purchase the class.
3. To complete enrollment, the class must then be purchased through the SFJAZZ box office.

Limited needs-based scholarships are available on a first-come-first-served basis. For more information on how to apply for a scholarship, please email

How to Audition

Please submit a pre-screen audition as soon as possible using the criteria on the audition form (clink to form). The panel will be listening to video auditions on a first-come-first-served basis, and will let you know whether you have been accepted, wait-listed, or asked to return for a live audition.


We are accepting all standard Big Band instruments (saxophone, trombone, trumpet, guitar, piano, bass, drums, percussion, voice). Other instruments will be accepted on a case-by-case basis, including vibraphone, B-3, etc.... While we of course value great improvisers, we are also looking for strong section players with good sight-reading abilities. Please note we may accept two of each rhythm section instrument.

Audition Requirements

Auditioners shall play (or sing) two pieces: a standard and a blues. The standard may be recorded using a play-along track as long as you can be clearly heard above the track. The blues shall be unaccompanied.

Horn players

· Medium swing blues. Choose between "Billie’s Bounce", "Straight No Chaser" or "Au Privave". Play the “head” once, then play three choruses of a solo, then the head out (no repeat).

· A Jazz Standard of your choice. This should be in a different tempo to the blues. It can be Latin or Swing. Play the “head” once, then take two choruses of solo, and come back in with the head once. If you are using a play-along track please be sure you can be heard above the track.

Guitar and Piano players

· Medium swing blues. Choose between "Billie’s Bounce", "Straight No Chaser" or "Au Privave". Play the “head” once, then play two choruses of a solo, then “comp” through the changes twice as if you were accompanying a soloist.

· A Jazz Standard of your choice. This should be in a different tempo to the blues. It can be Latin or Swing. Play the “head” once (melody only or with self accompaniment), then take two choruses of solo, and then comp through the changes (no melody) as if accompanying a soloist. If you are using a play-along track please be sure you can be heard above the track.

Bass players

· Medium swing blues. Choose between "Billie’s Bounce", "Straight No Chaser" or "Au Privave". Play the “head” once, then play two choruses of a solo, then walk through the changes twice as if you were accompanying a soloist, once with a “two feel” and once with a “four feel.” There is no need to play the head again afterward.

· A Jazz Standard of your choice. This should be in a different tempo and feel to the blues. Play the “head” once, then take two choruses of solo, and come back in with the bass line only for one chorus. If you are using a play-along track please be sure you can be heard above the track.


We want to hear you play in different feels / tempos. Please announce what you are about to play before each feel, then play the following:

· 12 bars medium swing as if playing a blues (feel free to demonstrate your knowledge of the melody)

· 16 bars bossa nova, medium · up-tempo swing for 32 bars

· 12/8 funk feel for 16 bars

· 3/4 ballad feel with brushes for 8 bars

· Other Latin feel or odd meter feel of your choice for 16 to 32 bars

· Trade 4’s with yourself four times (32 bars, 4 bars time and 4 bars solo)

· Open solo (no longer than 2 minutes please)


You may use a play-along track for one of your 2 pieces; please be sure you can be heard over the track

· Sing a jazz standard of your choice (medium or fast tempo), take a chorus of improvisation if you feel comfortable doing this

· Sing a ballad of your choice · Sing the chromatic scale up and down one octave range

· Sing a Major scale of your choice, ascending and descending

· Sing a Melodic Minor scale ascending, Harmonic Minor scale descending

· Sing a Dorian scale ascending and descending

For questions, contact Claire Phillips, Education Program Manager, at or 415.283.0332.

Good luck and have fun! We can’t wait to hear you play.



Director of Marketing

Job Description

Lead SFJAZZ marketing strategy and execution as well as program development for ticket sales. Develop the SFJAZZ brand across key segments to drive brand authenticity and growth. Support planning and execution for memberships, philanthropy, and content distribution. Lead staff of seven professionals and manage key vender relationships.

Reports to: CEO
Department: Marketing

About SFJAZZ: SFJAZZ is one of the world’s most popular and important presenters of jazz. The SFJAZZ Center is a beautiful and perfect stage for jazz artists and the community to celebrate the living American art form of jazz. The $64 million dollar Center launched in 2013 and the 32-year-old non-profit organization now crafts distinguished programming and education services from the heart of the San Francisco arts district. The budget for the 2014/2015 Season is more than $12 million with about half coming from ticket revenues.


  • Develop and execute the strategy and plan for SFJAZZ marketing to position the brand as a key jazz influencer and generate ticket sales in these segments. Lead brainstorming, ideation and communication; develop plans and programs across marketing disciplines (publishing, partnerships, web, social media, and PR); manage programs from start to finish; and lead cross-functional teams to implement and analyze programs.
  • Drive ticket sales via marketing execution and support internal and external programs such as concerts and performances, Education and amateur bands, SFJAZZ Collective, Membership and Development. Communicate SFJAZZ artistic vision as centerpiece of deep and ongoing relationship with SFJAZZ community and artists.
  • Determine objectives and metrics for overall plans as well as individual programs. Work with the CEO to set project priorities, provide guidance, establish goals and provide feedback to Marketing staff and Management team.
  • Lead cross-functional team (PR, email newsletters, catalog publishing, Web/e-commerce, social media, and design) to deliver marketing programs for sectors and channels.
  • Oversee and manage marketing budget. Work collaboratively with Finance to appropriately forecast expenses and revenues.
  • Identify opportunities for SFJAZZ to proactively partner with influencers, tastemakers, technology organizations and other partners to help achieve SFJAZZ brand objectives.
  • Act as the primary contact for key program stakeholders for SFJAZZ marketing. Be the subject matter expert.
  • Actively contribute to marketing ideas and marketing program optimization to accomplish organizational and brand goals.
  • Source and manage external partners as needed to accomplish marketing objectives.


  • Support Founder and Executive Artistic Director, Director of Development, Board of Trustee Chair and CEO on the development of key SFJAZZ presentations.


  • Bachelor's degree required. Master's degree preferred.
  • 5+ years of consumer marketing experience, including 3+ years in music related marketing with a preference for jazz and performance arts Center experience.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of jazz and consumer marketing principles; branding, communications, box office marketing, web publishing, social media, marketing plan and collateral development.
  • Strong collaborative cross-functional team leadership, marketing program and project management skills. 
  • Strong strategic abilities combined with analytical skills and significant experience developing marketing strategies, plans and programs.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills with strong presentation skills.  Copywriting ability required.
  • Flexible and adapts readily to changing priorities and needs of a fast-paced organization.
  • Brings a positive and “can do” attitude to any and all projects, including driving organizational culture.


  • Proficient in Microsoft Applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), CRM (Tessitura a plus), and email marketing software (WordFly a plus).
  • Mac Proficient
  • Ideal candidate has a passion for jazz and live-performance music.

To apply: Please send resume and cover letter to Please no phone calls or faxes.

SFJAZZ is an equal opportunity employer and is seeking to create a diverse and harmonious workplace.

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30th Annual San Francisco Jazz Festival

This Week: October 8 - 14, 2012

An exciting range of instrumental virtuosity is on tap this week, as we present four piano luminaries and one electric bass icon. The fun starts Wednesday with a birthday celebration for the great Thelonious Monk at the Herbst, featuring Barry Harris, Jacky Terrasson and Alfredo Rodriguez. Thursday, bassist Marcus Miller brings his hard-hitting new band, and the week wraps on Sunday at the SF Conservatory with piano star Danilo Perez’s telepathic trio.

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