On-Demand: Monsieur Periné

On-Demand: Monsieur Periné

Monsieur Periné vocalist Catalina Garcia performing

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Tropical New Year

 • JAN 12 - APR 13, 2022 

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“One of the most exciting emerging artists in Latin music” (LA Weekly), the 2015 Latin GRAMMY winner for Best New Artist rings in the New Year with their singular hybrid that merges modern Latin song styles, the simmering French jazz manouche of Django Reinhardt, and dance-inspiring traditional rhythms.

Formed a decade ago in Bogotá, Colombia by singer Catalina García and guitarists Santiago Prieto and Jairo Alfonso, the band has cultivated a fervent following by blending the spirit of 1930s music with the joyous and sophisticated sounds of contemporary Latin American pop — a worldly, boundary-blurring approach places them in the same echelon as contemporaries Natalia Lafourcade, Troker, Carla Morrison, and Bomba Estereo.

García’s effervescent vocals match perfectly with a uniquely colorful visual style masterminded by Colombian artist José Arboleda in their surreal album art and concert clothing, and the band has released three albums including their self-released 2012 debut Hecho a Mano, the Latin GRAMMY-winning 2015 follow-up Caja De Musica, and their newest Sony Music session, the GRAMMY-nominated Encanto Tropical. Monsieur Periné returns to help us usher in 2022 with the hope and joy we need now more than ever.

Tu M'as Promis Santiago Prieto Sarabia, Catalina García Barahona
Sabor a Mi Alvaro Carrillo
Nuestra Cancion Vicente García, Santiago Prieto Sarabia, Catalina García Barahona, & Miguel Guerra
Bailar Contigo Santiago Prieto Sarabia, Catalina García Barahona, & Mauricio Rengifo
La Sombra Leonel García & Catalina García Barahona
Suin Romanticon Santiago Prieto Sarabia & Catalina García Barahona
Huracán Santiago Prieto Sarabia, Catalina García Barahona, & Yayo Gonzales
Volverte a Ver Santiago Prieto Sarabia & Catalina García Barahona
Me Vas a Hacer Falta Santiago Prieto Sarabia
Mi Libertad Catalina García Barahona
Encanto Tropical Catalina García Barahona
Mundo Paralelo Santiago Prieto Sarabia, Yasmil Marrufo, Pedro Capo, Servando Primera, George Noriega, Catalina García Barahona
Tarde Santiago Prieto Sarabia
Ton Silence Santiago Prieto Sarabia, Catalina García Barahona, & Camilo Parra
La Muerte Santiago Prieto Sarabia & Catalina García Barahona

Catalina García vocals
Santiago Prieto charango, violin, & guitar
Jairo Alfonso saxophones & clarinet
Abstin Caviedes trumpet & trombone
Adinda Meertins bass
Miguel Guerra percussion
Darwin Baez drums


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