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Live 2010 7th Annual Concert Tour

SFJAZZ Collective CD: Live 2010 7th Annual Concert Tour

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Recorded during the 2010 U.S. and European tour, Live 2010: 7th Annual Concert Tour is the definitive document of the Collective’s 2010 repertoire, including fresh arrangements of Horace Silver classics and original compositions by group members.  

Featuring Miguel Zenón (alto saxophone), Mark Turner (tenor saxophone), Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Robin Eubanks (trombone), Stefon Harris (vibraphone), Edward Simon (piano), Matt Penman (bass), and Eric Harland (drums).

  • Limited edition 3-CD set available exclusively through SFJAZZ — not available in stores.
  • Each CD set is individually hand-numbered.
  • Accompanying booklet contains rare photographs from tour and rehearsal, insightful commentary by Collective band members and musician bios.
  • New compositions by individual Collective band members.
  • Newly arranged works of piano master Horace Silver by members of the Collective.


1. Cape Verdean Blues (Horace Silver, arr. by Stefon Harris)
2. Lonely Woman (Horace Silver, arr. by Miguel Zenón)
3. More Than Meets The Ear (Robin Eubanks) 
4. Collective Presence (Edward Simon)
5. Harlandia (Eric Harland)

1. Suite For Ward Martin Tavares (Avishai Cohen)
2. The Devil in the Details (Stefon Harris) 
3. Sister Sadie (Horace Silver, arr. by Matt Penman)
4. Peace (Horace Silver, arr. by Mark Turner)
5. Triple Threat (Matt Penman)
6. Song For My Father (Horace Silver, arr. by Edward Simon)

1. Señor Blues (Horace Silver, arr. by Eric Harland)
2. The Lady From Johannesburg (Horace Silver, arr. by Robin Eubanks)
3. The Mystery Of Water (Miguel Zenón)
4. Brothersister II (Mark Turner)
5. Baghdad Blues (Horace Silver, arr. by Avishai Cohen)

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