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Ticket Outreach

Bring live music to those who otherwise might not have the opportunity to enjoy it. SFJAZZ is partnering with jazz fans and community-based organizations to provide free tickets to concerts at the SFJAZZ Center.

When you make a contribution to the SFJAZZ Ticket Outreach Fund, you underwrite the cost of concert tickets for individuals and families who would not otherwise be able to attend.

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How It Works

Tickets are distributed through our partner community-based organizations as an added perk of the essential support programs they provide to their clients and constituents. Partner organizations currently include Lighthouse for the Blind, Second Start Adult Literacy Program of the Oakland Public Library, Library for the Blind and Print Handicapped, and Project Read of the San Francisco Public Library.

All donations to the fund are pooled. The SFJAZZ Box Office then works directly with each community organization to identify appropriate concerts for their constituents, and then provides the requested number of tickets completely free of charge to that organization*.

For further information contact Barrett Shaver, Director of Development, at 415.283.0325 or [email protected]

How it Began

The Ticket Outreach Fund was initiated by two generous individuals who each approached SFJAZZ with similar ideas. Michele Spitz had been an SFJAZZ Member for nearly 20 years when she connected SFJAZZ with some of the organizations she works with through her own charity, Woman of Her Word. At the same time, Leaders Circle Member Leslie Rodd expressed an interest in making SFJAZZ concerts available to communities that might not otherwise have the chance to attend.

Leslie describes her motivation: "When I help another jazz fan to the price of a ticket, I give him or her an evening of out-of-the-world music, a dose of optimism, and a membership in the jazz community."

Join Michele, Leslie, and the many others who are underwriting concert tickets for our community, make a donation to the Ticket Outreach Fund now.

*You may recommend community organizations that SFJAZZ contact for participation. SFJAZZ reserves the right of decision for which organizations the tickets will be distributed to and for which concerts.

Your contribution to the Ticket Outreach Fund is tax-deductible to the maximum amount allowed by IRS guidelines as you do not receive any goods or services in exchange. SFJAZZ will send you an official acknowledgment for their gift. Due to the benefits received through SFJAZZ membership, donations made to the Ticket Outreach Fund may not be earmarked as membership contributions simultaneously.

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