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Presenting high-quality jazz concerts and events year-round, along with educational programs that reach thousands of students each year, doesn't happen without a lot of hard work guided by a strong vision. At SFJAZZ, we are fortunate to have a world-class Board of Trustees and a diverse and dedicated staff. Together, we're building a organization that will inspire jazz audiences for decades to come.


Greg Stern
Chief Executive Officer

Randall Kline
Founder, Executive Artistic Director 



Lilly Schwartz
Director of Programming

Jeanette Wong
Artistic Programming Manager

Ross Eustis
Digital Projects Manager

Eric Barreto-Maymi
Artistic Coordinator

Jake Isaac
Artistic Administrative Assistant 



TJ Gorton
Director of Marketing

Jill Deitch
Advertising & Media Sponsorship

Marshall Lamm

Rusty Aceves
Marketing Manager

Teddy Hutcherson
Marketing Production Manager

Justin Walters
Tessitura Operations &
Analytics Manager

Nicole DeVera
Lead Designer

Gwena Pitt
Graphic Designer

Monisha Sharma
Digital Marketing Specialist

Richard Scheinin
Staff Writer



Bel Bran
Box Office & Retail
Senior Manager

Montra Egerton
Box Office Operations
Assistant Manager

Brian Herman
Customer Service Associate

Trace Hollenbeck
Customer Service Associate

Brent Jones
Customer Service Associate

Juanita Lam
Customer Service Associate

Janette Lopez
Customer Service Associate

Autumn Tuckson
Box Office Retail Assistant

Margarita Umagat
Customer Service Associate



Rebeca Mauleón
Director of Education

Erin Putnam
Ensembles Manager

Jef Stott
Digital Lab 
& Media Manager

Vanessa Varela
School Programs Manager

Jasmarie Murry 
School Programs Coordinator

Veronica Limcaco
Education Administrative Coordinator

Jamahn Lee
School Programs Coordinator

Tammy Hall 
Lead Teaching Artist

Imani Cezanne
Lead Teaching Artist

Darius Simpson 
Lead Teaching Artist 

Paul Contos
High School All-Stars
Big Band Director

Dann Zinn
High School All-Stars
Combo Director


Rachel Smith
Rentals Sales
& Hospitality Manager

Tom Hansen
Rentals Manager


Parmila Phillips
Director of Finance

Tommy To
Senior Accountant

Paulette Galiothe
Accounting Supervisor

David Flores


Lauren Adams
Interim Director of Development

Katiti Crawford
Donor Engagement Director

Alexis Gordon
Major Gifts Officer

Kate Goldstein
Grants Manager

Duygu Gun
Corporate Partnerships Manager

Josh Abess
Individual Giving Manager

Lamar Gaskins
Development Associate

Dulce Preciado
Donor Services Assistant

Emma Penny
Donor Services Assistant



Amy Heiden
Technical Director

Maggie Walters
Administrative Assistant

Josh Badura
Associate Production Manager

Martin Carmona
Audio Engineer

Jake Drake
Video Production Supervisor 

Chris Edwards
Production Manager

Maya Finlay
Audio Engineer

Colby Jensen
Event Technician Coordinator

Henriette Lenssen
Logistics Manager

Matt Moreau
Lighting Designer

Jae Riley
Artist & Publicity Coordinator

Christian Vela
Senior Production Manager

Tony Wilson
Stage Manager

Masanori Yura
Senior Audio Engineer

 Nate Landry
Artistic & Digital Coordinator



Mount V. Allen lll CFE
Director of Operations

Tina Segrove
Associate Director
of Facility Operations

Thor Baliwas
Facility Maintenance Technician

Harry Hoang
Applications Specialist 

Lizzie Lesch
Audience Services Manager

Flora Zulli
Audience Services Manager

Erica Andracchio
Lucie Faulknor
George Koster
Mark Malaspina
Mark Rosengarden
Robyn Sandberg
Claire Tremblay
Stephen Weiss

Samuel Abhaya
Alex Akin
Mike Arulgnanendran
Dustyn Buchanan-August
Breonna Carter
Ann Jackson
Ariel Jones
Ty Lindemans
Stephanie Lum
Cheryl Martin
Michael McKinney
Edwin Meares
Jan Michaels
Eli Mitropoulos
Ariel Morales
Beth Norris
Paige O'Donahue
Dave Padilla
Marcio Panti
Joe Rayhbuck
Mel Stefanski
Tomu Tomu
Martha Walters
Stephen Weiss
George Willis
Jamie Zimmer

Lynne Windfeldt



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